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The Ukraine is part of the former Soviet Union, it is a country struggling to maintain a stable economy and government. The official language is Ukrainian, but Russian is spoken by most citizens. The Ukraine is roughly the size of Texas and is the home to approximately 55 million people.

The Ukraine offers a different adoption experience since Ukrainian adoption law prohibits the release of any information about orphans. Adopting parent(s) will submit a complete dossier, INS approval and a completed home study. All the dossier documents will be translated and sent to Ukraine for approval by different Ministries and other Government Institutions.

After the approval of the dossier parents are invited to travel to Ukraine to choose their child based on photos and medical information provided to them by the National Authority for child protection and adoption, located in Kiev. After the parents have chosen a child our coordinator will travel with them to the region where the child is residing. While in the region, adoptive parents can spend time with the child, talk to the orphanage staff and review any other medical information. We need to mention that in case the adoptive parents do not like the child they chose, for different reasons, our coordinator is prepared to present to them other children in the same age group and same region, so the parents can have the opportunity to choose another child while in the region and complete the adoption process all in one trip.

Parents will have to be in Ukraine for approximately 2 to 4 weeks and will return home with their child. Available children are ages 3 – 4 years old to 16 years old, although infants with special needs may be younger at the time of adoption. Like other Eastern European countries, restrictions on the adopting parent(s) are few. Single women can adopt. Married couples and single women must be between the ages of 25-45, with exceptions up to age 50 done on a case by case basis.

Adoption Avenues Agency works with a Ukrainian attorney who has been completing adoptions for American families for several years. Our Ukrainian facilitator only works with American families who are clients of an US licensed adoption agency. If the adopting parent(s) decide to proceed with the adoption, the paperwork begins and the legal process is completed. If everything goes well, the trip usually lasts two to four weeks.

Families are well supported during their trip. Our facilitator provides the adoptive parent(s) with a chauffeur and translator while in the country. These expert services are included in the overall placement fee for the Ukraine Program.

Any child coming from an institution should be considered "special needs". Developmental delays or emotional issues are possible with any child who has lived in an orphanage setting. Adopting parent(s) should familiarize themselves with the issues of institutionalized children before proceeding.

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