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Romania International Adoption News

Romania is party to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption ( Hague Adoption Convention). Therefore, all adoptions between Romania and the United States must meet the requirements of the Convention; the U.S. implementing legislation, the Intercountry Act of 2000 (IAA); and the IAA implementing regulations.

The program is only open to Romanian citizens who are also US citizens. Since we are Romanian born US Citizens ourselves, we have experience with the country, the people and the culture.

If you are a Romanian citizen and also a US citizen and are either single or married, we would be happy to talk to you about this program

Please visit the Department's Country Specific Information sheets for more information on traveling to Romania and U.S. Embassy Bucharest's Web site for information on consular services.

Romania Program Outline

The description of planned activities and the methodology of work in Romania must be according to the State requirements of the private accredited entity as well as according to the Romanian legal requirements in regards to international adoptions and it consists of the following:

According to the Romanian law, the Romanian Office for Adoption will receive only adoption applications from the applicants in in the following situations:

  • The adoptive parents or one of the spouses in the adoptive family is up to a four degree relative of the adoptive child.

  • The adoptive parents or one of the spouses of the adoptive family is a Romanian citizen.

  • The adoptive parent is the spouse of the biological parent of the adoptive child.

Romanian law requirements for adoptive parents and the impediments to adopt:

The families that are willing to adopt need to be informed that they need to:

  • Be family/individual with their legal and regular residence in the foreign country, with full functional capabilities, and to be in one of the situations mentioned under the article 52 of the republished Law 273/2004 in regards to the legal adoptions.

  • To be at least 18 years older than the adoptive child.

  • To be a family (individual of opposite sex that are married with each other) or unmarried individual, or only one spouse can adopt (situation in which the adoptive spouse will have to present a declaration from the other spouse that is not adopting, explaining the reasons for not adopting).

  • To be approved by the foreign authorities as qualified to adopt (the approval for adoption or other documents must mention the number of children, age, gender in some cases the special needs of the child (ren) the adoptive family wants to adopt and area able to manage).

  • To travel and actually live in Romania for minimum 30 days with the purpose of bonding with the adoptive child, before the approval of the international adoption by the judicial authorities.

  • To ensure the safety of the adoptive child travel from Romania to the State in which the adoptive parents reside, after the adoption final decree has been issued.

The families/ individuals that would like to adopt are informed that they cannot adopt if:

a). They have psychiatric disorders or are mentally handicapped.

b). The prospective adoptive parent (s) cannot adopt if they have been sentenced for a crime against a person or against a family, committed with intention and also for the crime of human trafficking or illegal consumption of drugs.

c). The adoptive parent (s) cannot adopt if they have lost their parental rights or have a child who is under child protection services.

d). The restrictions to adopt also applies to the individuals who wish to adopt as single parents, whose spouses are in the situations described under paragraphs a, b, and c mentioned above.

Aspects with regards to eligibility for international adoption of children from Romania:

Only those children can be adopted internationally who had a 2 years legal status of adoptable children and there was no domestic adoption. Therefore, the age of eligible children for international adoption is 3 years old.

The stipulation referring to the 2 year period legal status of adoptable child does not apply if the adoptive parent (s) or the spouse of the adoptive parent is a fourth degree relative with the child. The fourth degree relatives with the child have priority to adopt the child before other family members or individuals. However, relatives that live in Romania have priority to adopt the child versus the relatives living abroad.

The child’s report sent by the Romanian Office for Adoption to the private accredited agency and to the adoptive parent (s), contains recent pictures of the child and contains medical and personal history information, the child’s level of development, special needs of the child if it is the case as well as the child’s recuperation abilities. The report will also include the child’s opinion on international adoption, in concordance with the child’s level of maturity and developmental stage.

Post Adoption

The commitment to provide post adoption monitoring and reporting of the children adopted internationally from Romania must be prepared by a certified and authorized person.

The commitment must specify that the reports will include the following information:

  • Child’s and adoptive parent’s identity.

  • The address where the child resides

  • Family environment.

  • Safety and hygiene of the home

  • Child’s health and development.

  • Child’s development and the evaluations that have been completed.

  • Child’s adjustment and integration in community, including kindergarten/school and if it is the case also his/her school performance.

  • Child’s bonding with the family, including the difficulties in bonding.

  • Child’s adjustment to the family members and the family member’s adjustment to the child.

  • The identified child’s or family member’s needs.

  • Resources and solutions to the problems encountered.

  • Observations and conclusions of the person who is completing the post adoption report.

  • Recommendations of the person completing the post adoption report.

The commitment will also mention that the post adoption reports will be sent quarterly to the Romanian Office for Adoption for a period of 2 years after the adoption has been finalized and they will include recent pictures of the child done during the child’s monitoring. The post adoption reports will include the authorized translation in Romanian version.