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Welcome to our web site and thank you for your interest in Adoption Avenues Agency services.  We hope that our Agency opens new avenues to a better and safer life for many of the world's orphan children.  

We feel that we can offer a personal and unique adoption experience and can help the adoptive parents through their life's greatest adventure on the adoption avenue.  Some of our staff members are adoptive parents that can share their wonderful experience and desire to help many other waiting children to find their forever families.  

Our Agency is a non profit international adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oregon.  Our agency was founded by people with great and long experience in international adoptions and working with orphan children overseas.    

We all, here at Adoption Avenues, have seen the beautiful faces, looked in the eyes and experienced the happiness of a loving hug of so many orphan children we worked with, and these children are the reason for which we created our agency.  Adoption Avenues Agency is committed to providing families with the most comprehensive education workshops and resource materials to better equip them to understand and deal with all the issues of the adoption process.  

Your travel on the adoption avenue will be filled with excitement, anticipation, frustration but also with the fulfillment and the joy of offering a loving family to an orphan child.  As you explore the choices before you, please think of our agency as a place where you may begin your walk on the avenue that will make a dream become reality.

Please feel free to call us or e-mail us to find out more information about our international programs, our photo listing, dossier preparation and travel tips.


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