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The Republic of Moldova

Program Information
The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, located between Romania to the West and Ukraine to the North, East and South. The Republic of Moldova is a country of less than 4 million people. The Republic of Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. In its history, the Republic of Moldova has been part of Romania as well as the Soviet Union, and has been an independent nation since 1991.
Since it gained its independence the Republic of Moldova continues to strive toward economic stability. The country was caught in the time warp of less than desirable orphanage conditions, However, the country is working diligently to secure economic stability and orphanage conditions have improved greatly in the last 5 years. Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

Adoption Avenues can place children from the Republic of Moldova with all the US Citizens located in the US or abroad.

Children Available: Age: 3 years and older; Sibling groups available.
Parent Requirements: 25-50 years of age, married and single women.
Prospective Adoption Parents (PAP) Considerations: It will have to be a difference of NOT
more than 48 years between the older parent and the adopted child (so for example if the older parent in a family is 52 the youngest child the PAP can adopt is 4 years old).
Estimated Process
• From dossier to referral: 18-24 months.
• From referral to travel: 4 to 5 weeks.
Travel: 2 trips required
• 1st trip estimated 2-5 weeks
• 2nd trip estimated 5-10 days.
(Due to legislative changes, timing listed above may be subject to change.)
Program & Process
Families submit a completed dossier for registration with the National Adoption Authority through the Ministry of Social Protection.
Referrals are expected approximately 10 to 16 months after the dossier is submitted.
Information about the child will consist of medical and social reports, pictures and short videos.
We will be able to present to the PAP a short video of the child.
The court procedures will takes place only in Chisinau.
The Republic of Moldova is a Hague Convention country.
ADOPTION AVENUES is a Hague Accredited Agency.
Under our accredited status, ADOPTION AVENUES can accept new applications as a primary provider from families who want to adopt from the Republic of Moldova.
ADOPTION AVENUES is officially accredited and approved as an agency by “Ministerul Protectiei Sociale Familiei Si Copilului, Sectia Adopti” in the Republic of Moldova (see attached the accreditation proof).

This will be a short description of how the international adoption process will be:
• The PAP Application will be sent to Adoption Avenues Agency.
• After the application will be filed, Adoption Avenues will send to the PAP the Adoption Contract.
• Next the PAP will start working at the same time (so in parallel way) toward all three steps of any international adoption: such as the Home Study part of the process, the International Dossier and Immigration.
• For the Home Study: Adoption Avenues is approved to complete “Hague” home studies in the state of Oregon. If the family is located outside of the State of Oregon, Adoption Avenues will review the PAP Home Study draft and approve it.
• For the Dossier: it will be Adoption Avenues who will help the PAP to put the Dossier together.
• As soon as the Home Study is done and approved by the Adoption Avenues the Home Study will be sent to the USCIS (with the I 800 A form) in order for the approved child visa to be cabled to the US Embassy in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
Since Moldova adoptions are “Hague adoptions”, families wishing to adopt from Moldova must complete a home study and obtain the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) approval of the their I-800A application before they can be matched with a child.
• After the Dossier is finished ALL the Dossier forms will have to be apostilled at the Secretary of State.
• Next the Dossier will be sent in the Republic of Moldova where it will be translated, legalized and registered.
• Next the referral process will start.
• After the referral will be accepted the family will travel to meet with the child.
• Next it will be the Court procedure.
• After the Court procedure will be completed and Court decree will be obtain, the family will come to the US and apply for the I 800.
• After the I 800 will be approved and the visa will be sent to the US Embassy in Chisinau the family will travel for the visa interview.
• The family will travel home with the child.
• In 30 days after the family will travel home the family will have to register the child with the Republic of Moldova Embassy in Washington DC.
• Next the Post Adoption Reports will be sent (see the schedule below). Post-adoption reports with photos of the child are required for up to three years after the adoption.

This is the schedule:
• in the first year: the reports will be due at 3, 6 and 12 months. The reports have to be done by the Social Worker and apostilled.
• in the second year the reports will be due at 6 and 12 months. The reports have to be done by the parents and have to be apostilled.
• in the 3rd, 4th and 5th year the family will need to send just one report. The report will be done by the family and it will have to be apostilled.
Post Adoption Registration: You must register your child at the Moldova Embassy in the U.S. within 30 days of your arrival home with the child.
THIS IS A MUST and the future of our Moldova program will be based on the timing registration and the correct post adoption report follow up, so Adoption Avenues will take all the necessary steps to prevent any missed steps in regards with this follow up.

Two trips are required.
1st trip – during the first trip the following will happen:
• The PAP will travel to the orphanage and the PAP will meet with the child and all the family child related questions will be answered. The PAP will start socializing with the child. The interaction between the PAP and the child will be observed and as soon the bond between the PAP and the child is established the Social worker will write a report that describes the PAP and child interaction and bonding process. Once the report is prepared the Director of the Orphanage will sign a release form. The release form will be given to the PAP after minimum of 7 days of interaction with the child.
If for any reasons the PAP will not be able to develop a bonding relation with the child another referral will be given to the PAP, as the PAP are already in Moldova (but you need to understand than in this situation the first trip will be longer).
After the Director of the Orphanage will give the release form the Court procedures will start and the PAP will appear in Court after which the Court Decree will be obtain. This first trip will be completed within 2 – 5 weeks. BOTH parents (if a family) will need to travel for the first trip.
After the family will come home the I 800 form will be sent to the USCIS and the visa for the child will be obtain, so this is happening prior to the second trip. 2nd trip – during the second trip the US Embassy visa will be added to the child/ren passport. The second trip will be completed within 5 to10 days. For the second trip both parents (if a family) can travel, or one parent or an escort can finish the visa interview and bring the child home.
Please note: Because of the volatile nature of the International programs, Adoption Avenues cannot guarantee parent(s) that the time frames of the international program above quoted will not going to change without notice. In case of changes, we are trying to give as much advance notice is possible but sometimes this is not feasible.