Donations to Adoption Avenues

The staff at Adoption Avenues has traveled overseas and visited many orphanages. They have seen many special needs children that are never adopted. Because of their disabilities these children will most likely never have a family to protect and love them. They have to stay behind and live their lifes with only basic needs being taken care of. Adoption Avenues' mission is to look after these children, provide food, clothing, medicine and medical equipment that is needed to improve the quality of each child's life and offer, if possible, better and more compassionate care.

Adoption Avenues is a non-profit adoption agency and aside from our adoption fees, charitable donations are the only other source of income. Our agency does not receive income from any religious or political organizations, thus your donations would be very welcome because they will touch a special needs child's life. Adoption Avenues' goal is to be able to place as many special needs children as we can with loving and caring families, offering them the joy and happiness of a secure and better life. For the special needs children left behind we also want to be able to provide a loving, caring environment. For example, your donations could help us fund poor orphanages by hiring more care giver staff, and help with the facilities maintenance. We want to make food, medication and medical services available for the children any time they are needed. Also our agency wants to be able to bring special needs children to America that badly need corrective surgery or life saving surgery. Many of these children have been born with a variety physical of defects. The donations will pay for the child's visa and airplane ticket. Some of the donations may be used to help families that are temporarily in difficult financial situations - to keep the adoption affordable.

Your donations are designated to our "Special needs children" fund and all donations are tax deductible. This fund is an account that is separate from Adoption Avenues general account. You can mail your donations to: 


*Please write on the memo line of your check Donation for "Special needs children" fund.