A -Z of the Adoption Process



A -Z of the Adoption Process

Walking on the adoption avenue to bring home a child or children in a loving and caring family is an exciting and very rewarding journey.

The adoption journey may start with you getting information and do some reading and research, eventually you might want to choose an agency for your adoption and home study. They need not be the same, one agency can do your home study and another one may help you in completing your adoption. Pick an agency that has good reputation, good references from previous clients and that you feel comfortable with. Call Adoption Avenues if you need help in locating an agency for your home study in the state you live.

Next step would be to file your I-600A form or "Application for advanced processing of orphan petition", if you plan in adopting internationally. You can either order this form on line from BCIS or by contacting Adoption Avenues or by downloading it from the USCIS website (http://uscis.gov/graphics/ ). Fill out the form and send it out to your local INS office with a cashier's check or money order of $ 525 plus the $ 70 fee for fingerprinting for each person 18 or over living with you. Along with the form and the checks you need to also send your birth certificates and marriage or divorce certificate (you should prepare 3-4 originals of each of your birth certificates and marriage or divorce certificate, because you will need them also for home study and adoption dossier) and also the proof of United States citizenship. After you filed the I-600A form, USCIS will contact you and let you know when and where you are scheduled for fingerprinting. If you have a completed home study you should submit it with your I-600A form. If not, you may send your home study to USCIS later on after it has been completed. Feel free to contact Adoption Avenues to help you with the I-600A form in case you have any questions.

If you do not have a home study by the time you file your I-600A form, after you file, you should start working on your home study. Home study needs to be completed only by a licensed social worker, working with a licensed adoption agency, either the one you choose to do your adoption with or it can be another licensed agency in your state. You can also contact Adoption Avenues and we will find you an agency in your state, agency we contract with and get you better and lower fees. For this process the social worker will gather documents from you, will come into your home and also will provide you with information concerning international adoption. Among the documents you will have to provide to the social worker are: your birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificate, financial statement, medical reports. Also the social worker will ask for criminal record check and child abuse registry clearance, autobiographical statements and references.

After you are done with your home study and have submitted your I-600A form, you need to start working on your adoption dossier. The dossier contains basically some standard documents that you already have collected for your home study. Some documents are specific for the country you choose to adopt from. Adoption Avenues will prepare those documents for you and send them to you. After you receive your INS approval, have a completed home study and a complete adoption dossier Adoption Avenues will send your paperwork to the country of adoption. Once the dossier is registered and approved by several ministries and local authorities you will be advised about travel schedules, visas and hotel arrangements.

Some countries might require two trips and some only one trip of 3-4 weeks, depending on the country regulations. Adoption Avenues will help you prepare your trip and our facilitators overseas will assist you in every step of your in-country process. If you want more information on travel please go to our travel page.

While in country your adoption case will be heard in a Regional Court, which is the equivalent of a state supreme court in U.S. After you get the court decree, the adoption is finalized and irrevocable and you will receive the child's new birth certificate and passport. With the passport you will go to the American Embassy in the adoptive country and receive the child's visa.

Once home in USA you will have to register your child with the foreign country Embassy here in US (if required, depends on the country), and submit a series of post placement reports to our agency. Adoption Avenues will send you out a schedule of when the post placement reports are due.

All this process might seem very complicated and overwhelming but if you know in your hart you want to offer a good life to an orphan child, nothing is to hard to overcome. I would compare it to a 9 month pregnancy and then the delivery process. The period that starts from the filing your I-600A form to the moment of your travel to bring your child home I would compare it to the pregnancy period and then the delivery process. During your pregnancy you can not see the child but you prepare yourself for his or her arrival in this world and you go through several emotional stages, the same with the adoption, you prepare yourself for the arrival of your child, going through several emotional stages but at the end the reward is unique.

For more information on adoption please feel free to call or e-mail us at info@adoptionavenues.org


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